My thoughts as I walked from my room to class

I knew I shouldn’t have worn this jacket. It’s getting hot and I look ridiculous. I should have worn that dress instead. Why does that guy keep pulling his pants up? I bet it’s cause male belts are expensive… Wait, are they? Maybe. Girls’ accessories are cheap, so they say. Thank YOU, kaunjika! WHY DO […]

My Favorite Quote

Helloooo! It has been a minute! I blame my procrastination and busy schedule on this part of the semester for that. I always intended to write but something always came up. Anyway, I could come up with a gazillion excuses, so let me just get right into it. My mid semester break was AMAZINGGGGGG!!!! As […]

Letting Go

I’ve had some time to reflect on the crappy week that I was having, and to settle myself after the bad grade I got on my assignment which caused me to relate it to every wrong thing in my life. I got the courage to ask my lecturer about the assignment, and even though he […]

Hitting the big two-one!

It’s been a while since I wrote an entry. Mostly because I have become a busy girl these past few months years and let me also blame the tumblr app on my phone that is too slow and frustrating! But I had an urge to write something because in two days I’ll be turning 21 […]