Life After University

Ever since I successfully managed to endure four years of university torture, I’ve had the very same question flung my way… “Nde ukutanino?” Honestly, this question annoys me. For so many reasons. I don’t mean the people who ask me are annoying per se, but the question annoys me because of personal reasons. I know […]

What if I died?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you died? If you think too much like me, then you probably even imagined your funeral. I have. A lot of times. Especially when I’ve collapsed, or fallen ill. Recently I got so ill I told mum I was going to die. But she replied, […]

For Richard Mussa (PhD)

The news that Dr Richard Mussa has passed on is very very hard to believe. Surely, this is a mistake? I just bumped into him in town the other day! He was alive and well, he looked very healthy. What was this? It took me so long to accept it; heck, I don’t even think […]

The Wrong Route

Last week, I was by my friend’s home in Blantyre, and I had to return home on a Wednesday morning. Dad was also in Blantyre and he said he would come by and pick me up early in the morning. So I got ready and waited for him to pick me up. Within minutes, we […]

23 Things I learnt before I turned 23

1. Life may not go as you planned. You may still be in college at 23 and not be an independent lady, adulting and winning at life, and that is okay. Pace yourself.2. You are going to make mistakes; lots of them. Don’t be afraid to tell your Heavenly Father that you have messed up […]

Come Sit Next To Me

Come sit next to me and we can talk about anything other than love. You can tell me why you wish your father was another man or what you imagine heaven to be like. I can tell you about my childhood bruises along with how the perfume I sprayed on my wrist yesterday is still stuck there. You can sing out of tune. I will dance recklessly and step on your toes. It’s okay to spell forever backwards because it means nothing to us. Come sit next to me and forget about the people that have broken your heart and the shadows inside our chest for a little while. – Faith T

Spilled Coffee and Sunsets

I grab a chitenje quick as I rush to the kitchen. “Tell dad to wait for me. I’m going with them!” I shout out to my little sister, who is outside. I grab the cup of coffee I made earlier and a piece of buttered bread. I run outside towards the moving car. “Wait for […]

He Chose Me

My love, I am too ashamed to stand before you today. I am yet again reminded of how far I am from perfect. I look at you and wonder what you see in me. I wonder if you have really made the right choice, to choose me, when there are women better than me; smarter, […]

Happiness IS temporal

I’ve always wondered why when I am so happy, it doesn’t take long till something gets me down. Sometimes the low that came with that high was one of the worst I’d ever experience and it would affect almost all aspects of my life. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s ever experienced this… […]

Here’s to my 21st year.

“If you know me based on who I was a year ago, you don’t know me at all. My growth game is strong. Allow me to reintroduce myself…”  (DOB: 3 JUNE, 1993; 1800 hrs) Here’s to my mum, my dad, my beautiful sisters, my awesome brother… for the nights spent on our living room and […]