When I was young, about 7 or 8, there about, my brother and I followed my cousin Richard to wherever he was going (I don’t even remember) because I wanted to walk somewhere. We were walking down the Zomba Mental Hospital road, and I happened to cross the road, and a bicycle ran into me. […]

Sun Fun and Colours

Hi loves! I stepped out again and decided it was a maxi dress kind of day. It’s so sunny this side at the moment, and what better way to enjoy the day than with colours and some denim?   The dress is a spaghetti strap maxi dress. Ugh, I hate the fact that most maxi […]

The Shortest Verse in the Bible

My Sunday afternoons are usually reserved for naps. There’s something about Sunday afternoons that just demands being indoors, in your comfort zone. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to sleep today. To make it worse, my sister was in the room and it’s not easy to shut up when we have a thousand stories to share with […]

Chiffon Blouses and Black

Yay to my second post on modest style dressing! This was my first time outside after about two weeks, so I was very excited, though I only managed to put this outfit together last minute.     I bought the material at Fabric Centre in Limbe. The shop stocks a whole lot of beautiful material […]

Some Questions I Can’t Answer

Allow me to talk to you as my friends and get personal. Recently, I wrote about what it’s been like to be “that girl that gets sick a lot” and how it has affected the way I look at life in general. I wrote about how this year alone, I’ve been admitted in several hospitals […]

Guide to Thrift Shopping (Kaunjika Strategies)

I was out here living my quiet life, when one of my good friends, Angasa, sent me this: This girl pushes me beyond my limits, you guys. I have never considered modest style blogging but I told her I would think about it. So, I am literally starting my “modest clothes blogging section” thing (I’ll […]

Circles in the Ceiling

For a long while now, I have been that girl that goes in and out of hospital. Since first year of uni, I have had so many visits to clinics, hospitals and gone through scans and tests and met numerous doctors. I’m grateful for all the help I have received, and that I am fortunate […]


I think one of the best examples of income inequality in Malawi is found in the city of Zomba. There are two schools that are next to each other. One is called Mponda Primary School. The other is called Sir Harry Johnson Primary school. Even by the name, you can tell which is for the […]

How to be Unhappy in 5 Easy Steps:

1. Compare your life with your neighbor’s, your friends, classmates and right about anyone you meet. They have a new car? Quick! You must get one better than that! If you can’t, be sure to whine about how your life sucks and how “good things don’t happen to good people”. 2. Surround yourself with people […]


If there’s one thing I commend my father for, is the reading habit that he instilled in us. When we were in primary school, he made us go to the National Library. He made us members and we would borrow 2 books at a time. The National Library in Zomba is located at Luangwa Parish. […]